Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 31: BMW F Chassis BDC IMMO via OBD

New Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 31 for BMW F chassis BDC IMMO via OBD is coming, need to work with Mini ACDP-1 or Mini ACDP-2 basic module.

Module 31 Functions:
1. Exclusively supports 2 methods to preprocess BDC: OBD CAN & OBD DoIP;
2. Supports BMW F chassis BDC key programming & mileage reset via OBD.

Module 31 Features:
1. Fully OBD operation, no need to disassemble or assemble the BDC module, no risk of dismantling the BDC or damaging the 95256 chip.
2. DoIP protocol preprocessing only takes tens of seconds, fast, safe, and stable.

How to use the OBD CAN Method?
1. Connect Mini ACDP or Mini ACDP + DoIP adapter to OBD;
2. Connect Mini ACDP-2 + OBD adapter or Mini ACDP-2 + OBD extension cable to OBD.


How to use the OBD DoIP method?
1. Connect Mini ACDP + DoIP adapter to OBD;
2. Connect Mini ACDP-2 + DoIP adapter to OBD;


1. Please ensure the connection is good and the vehicle has enough battery voltage.
2. Please DO NOT cut off the power or pull out the device during the operation.


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