Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 Adds BMW CAS3++ Key by OBD

This is a tutorial on how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 to add a BMW CAS3++ key by OBD. Easy in 3 steps, read this article to learn!

For ICP mode, please read:
Yanhua ACDP Adds BMW CAS3/3+ Smart Remote Key Guide

Connect ACDP-2 BMW and OBD2 port as shown.

Step1. Identity-Info
Mini ACDP >> Confirm the device is connected >> BMW >> CAS1~4 >> CAS3/CAS3+ >> OBD mode >> IMMO >> Identify info
Please use the ACDP standard power adapter(voltage+12V, current >= 2.5A).
Ensure the vehicle has enough battery voltage and turn on the ignition.
The system status displays normal and it needs to downgrade.
Screenshot to save the device info, click OK.
Identify system info finish.




Step2. Downgrade Programming
Downgrade programming >> OK >> Continue >> Confirm the identified info is normal
Detected the system is CAS3++ version, requires downgrade programming to add the key. Programming is risky, it is strongly recommended to backup FLASH and EEPROM by ICP mode before downgrade programming!

About to start getting data from the server, please keep the network open during the process of getting data!

Prepare to program, and it will take about 10 minutes. Please keep the voltage no lower than 13.0V during the programming. Please try to turn on the ignition, then turn off the ignition and pull out the key, last step on the brake pedal twice. If it is a smart key, please take the key out of the car. Do not turn on the car nor turn on the ignition during programming!

Writing FLASH data, please wait…
Programming CAS finish.


Step3. Add Key
Add key(automatic mode) >> OK >> Continue >> System status is normal and it does not need to downgrade, Continue
Please save CAS data, and click “Continue”.

Connect the ACDP with the BAV-key adapter.
Put the work key correctly on the BAV-key adapter.
Continue >> Continue
Select a blank key path: Key 6
Put the blank key correctly on the BAV-key adapter.
Is the current key a smart key? No
Please save CAS data, and click “Continue”.

If have a work key, use the work key to open the ignition;
If all keys are lost, press the START button and press the brake pedal twice.
Writing CAS data…
Add a new key finish.

Check whether the new key functions properly.





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