Xhorse Key Reader + Dolphin XP005 Read & Cut Ford HU101

How to read a key via Xhorse Key Reader, then cut it with Dolphin XP005 Key Cutting Machine? This is taking Ford EcoSport HU101 key as an example.


Open Xhorse app, connect to Key Reader & Xhorse Dolphin. Certainly you can use a VVDI Key Tool MAX to smart control as well.


Identify Bitting Codes

Optical identification >> Ford >> EcoSport >> OK


Put the key to be read into Key Reader, press “Identification”.


Key Reader will start reading automatically.

Bitting codes were read out!

It’s said 2134532312, very fast in seconds.


Cut Key

Install a key blank on clamp firstly.

To cut >> Cutting key >> Cut

Dolphin XP005 machine starts cutting…

Process complete.


Repeat same operations to cut the other side.


Test Key

Wait until all were done.

Take out the key to have a check, it can open the lock.

That’s it.


Xhorse Key Reader Price is £265 to pre-order. With it, you will never take too much time to calculate key bitting codes personally.


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