VVDI2 + GODIAG Mech-Key Test Platform Read BMW CAS1

GODIAG BMW Mech-Key Test Platform is used for BMW CAS1/CAS2 mechanical key matching, reading, writing, and synchronization without welding. Compatible with most key programmers like Xhorse VVDI2, Key Tool Plus, etc. To program BMW semi-smart keys, we should use the GODIAG Semi Smart Test Platform.

Following we’ll show how to read CAS1 data with VVDI2 + GODIAG.
1. Connect GODIAG, VVDI2 & CAS1 module.
2. Press the GODIAG START button to power it on.
3. Connect VVDI2 to the computer.


Open VVDI2 software,
Key Learn >> CAS/EWS information >> Connect >> Read EEPROM >> OK
Reading data success.
Save the EEPROM file.

Read KM >> OK
The kilometer stored in CAS is 271905km.

Read Code >> OK
CAS code-DME: 3926
All reading success.



Insert the key into the ignition for a test.
The key is NOT ejected, which means key info is synchronized.
Key Learn >> CAS Key Learn >> Connect >> Get key info >> Add key >> OK
We can see the key has occupied the Key7 position.
Save the original key file.




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