TJECU CN900 Mini fw sw V3.1 Update Procedure

CN900 Mini sw V3.1 free download on mega (No password), CN900 Mini fw update info and how to update from

CN900 Mini sw V3.1 free download on mega (No pass)!HsdkxALL!jo8zlrHlWG_2uOrtikAw1lFGtmnvzS5ecjQhFTeZrYs

CN900 Mini V1.50.2.23 update Info:
Detect Hitag AES(7A),88
CN5, CN5-new to copy 4C, 4D or 64 and to generate.
Toyota 8A Smart key Type differentiation

3A, 88, 8E and 8A information show.

How does CN900 Mini V1.50.2.23 update from

Device driver software was not successfully installed.

Open the “Mini USB Driver” Folder, select “Win7”, then open “dpinst_x86”, then complete the Device Driver Installation Wizard.

tjecu-cn900-mini-fw- tjecu-cn900-mini-fw-

Click on “My Computer”, then “Computer Management”, then “Device Manager” to check if the driver is ready.

Open “CN900 -Mini V31” on the desktop, click on “Connect”.
It pops up a message ” New Firmware Found, Version″, click on ” Update”.

tjecu-cn900-mini-fw- tjecu-cn900-mini-fw-

Update from Step 1 to Step 4.

tjecu-cn900-mini-fw- tjecu-cn900-mini-fw- tjecu-cn900-mini-fw-

Being completed, wait please…

Update successfully.

One more time, click on “CN900 -Mini V31” on the desktop.
Click on “Connect”, you can see it shows the CN900-Mini is connected, SN:…., firmware version:

Click on “Update” and get message “The firmware is latest, No need to update.”.

TJECU CN900 Mini fw sw V3.1 Update job is done.

Video guides:

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