The Fastest Way to Add BMW E-series Key with AK90

Here we introduce the fastest way to add a BWM E-series key with AK90 Key Programmer. By reading a 1997-2006 BMW EWS3 immobilizer PCF7935 chip as an example.

Tool Required
Software: AK90 software
Hardware: BMW AK90 Programmer, EWS module, BMW key

Step1. Remove the EWS module from the car which is under the steering wheel.
* DO NOT switch on the ignition if the EWS module has been removed from the vehicle.

Step2. Use carburetor cleaner to remove the conformal coating from the Motorola chip pins.

Step3. Attach the 10-pin connector to both the chip and AK90 programmer to read the Motorola chip and generate a new key.

Open AK90 software:
Connect >> Read EWS >> OK >> OK
Connect the 10-pin cable firmly to the Motorola pins after checking for any leftover conformal coating.
Reading 0D46J(MCU)…wait until 100%
Save the data file.


Write Key >> Selected blank key position >> Write key >> PCF7930/35 >> Write key
Put BMW key to AK90 coil, write? Yes
Writing 7930+7935 … until 100%.
Write key OK.


Step4. Start the car after reconnecting the EWS module. If it doesn’t start after 2 attempts, use a diagnostic tool to sync EWS to ECU.

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