Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs. N3 BMW Diagnostic Tool, What’s New?

Super ICOM Pro N3+ BMW Diagnostic Tool is developed by optimizing and upgrading the advantages of BMW special inspection devices A1, A2, A3, and N3. Fully 100% compatible with the original BMW special inspection test software without any changes. Furthermore, N3+ has added J2534 and DOIP on the basis of BMW special inspection(N3+=BMW special inspection + J2534 + DOIP).

As the upgraded version of N3, what’s new & different? Let’s take a look.

Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs. N3 Comparison

Item Super ICOM Pro N3+ Super MB Pro N3
Image super-icom-pro-n3-plus-vs-n3-bmw-diagnostic-tool-new-features-(2) super-icom-pro-n3-plus-vs-n3-bmw-diagnostic-tool-new-features-(3)
Fully compatible with all BMW inspection software
1 machine with 1 code
The firmware upgrade is the same as the original BMW
Wired USB3.0 connection
Wireless WiFi connection
Dual heat dissipation design
Interface protection design
One-key switch button

New Features
1. N3+ has added a one-key switch button to allow freely switch between the special inspection and J2534 software.

2. N3+ firmware has upgraded to the latest 147 version. Users can download it from the official website for further upgrades.

3. After N3+ one-key switch, users can read by the J2534 protocol. Compatible with OBD 6 and 14-pin CAN, 7-pin K-line communication. Eg. VW, Benz, and Toyota special inspection software with J2534 interface.
4. After N3+ one-key switch, DOIP network communication can be used to solve the problem that VW 5054 or Benz C4 cannot test a new car without DOIP.
5. After N3+ one-key switch, users can perform BMW hid and test features or test Benz, VW, and Land Rover(-2023) DOIP by WiFi connection. More convenient and faster.

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