How to use Super ICOM Pro N3+ BMW Diagnostic Tool

This article will guide you on how to use the Super ICOM pro N3+ bmw diagnostic tool.

The communication interface between N3+ and the computer adopts wired + wireless mode.

1. USB Mode

1) Connect the N3+ to the power supply or connect the OBD to the vehicle.

2) Use a USB cable to connect your N3+ to your computer.
Note: For the first use, you need to configure a dedicated IP address
① Open the computer network configuration interface and find the “Realtek USB FE Family Controller “network.

② Click Properties, select TCP/IPV4, and set the IP address as shown below.

③ Click OK to complete the wired network setup.



2. WIFI Mode

Unplug the USB cable from the computer first, then you will find the SSID is N3+ ICOM-****, connect directly, and enter the password 123456789.
Note: The cable must be unplugged to have wireless, one machine one number.


After completing the connection (wired or wireless), you can use the special inspection software to test.

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