simos pcr2.1 bricked after ktag unlock, how to solve?

simos pcr2.1 bricked after ktag unlock, how to do? Any tips?
Question: I tried to unlock a pcr2.1 ecu from golf 6 cayc. have done around 10 of these with the same tool ktag clone reworked. after i unlocked on bench and put it but on the car i had no communication through obd. is there a way to fix this? i have backup of the original file before unlocking the ecu. also the ecu is in great condition i have checked for any damages from opening but all seems ok.

You can try:
1. make sure that the ecu was locked, always check it, when ecu is unlocked and you unlock it again, then the ECU will damage.

2. this is a repair if you have damage resistor on board, but

3. Tried to connect directly to pinout with ecu on bench and check if you can see it
I mean connect diag tool directly to pinout, not on car, and check if you can see the ecu.

4. I had a problem like you, unlock put on car and nothing hapened, i just leave ignition on and after 10m ligths on and all was good, havent done nothing else

5. I work with ktag too ….not reworked newer had any problem…..for me is safe tool( have backup of eprom) galleto is good but when work with him not have backup
For now i buy genuine kess but is not 100%safe with vr
My friend have big problem with kess genuine and obd unlock/write ……stopped write and no possible to recovery ecu …..only new
Why not cheked with kess or mpps is unlock or lock on id before this job
The pcr not love games only one time unlocking…….
I hope that your ecu not dead

5. Important!!! When work pcr must be sure1000% is lock or unlocked…..Before any operation

Lots of tuners don’t take care about ESD and kill ecus with their hands

remind the rules :
1: ESD safe working mat
2: esd wrist, working mat and ECU frame connected to ground
3: never wear wool, avoid synthetic clothes and avoid dry hands (good hydration avoid problems)

Thanks to poster.

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