KESS V2 or KTAG which one to buy ?

Today  , one customer named  Ricardo Ferreira ask us and send message to our email( , what’s the difference for KESS V2 and Ktag , which one to buy ?

Elyza from customer service replied:

Difference between KESS V2 and Ktag
both of them has the same function.
There only difference is
Ktag do ECU via BDM
If you wanna do ecu via OBD can choose KESS V2, If you wanna do ECU via BDM can choose K-tag
KESS V2 hot selling  are:
those 2 types difference the best quality kess v2 version has token reset button, after token use up, can directly press the button got the token again
the firstly one do not have this button, after token use up, need use to programm to get the token again.
Ktag Hot selling:
the reason why it is 2.13 version is because the old version is more stable, if use V2.15 , some function can not use
PS : if you wanna do ECU Via Both OBD and BDM , can choose FG-Tech V54
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