Scania SDP3 “The version of SDP3 has ceased to be Valid” Solution engineer offers the solution to Scania SDP3 2.40.1 error ” The version of SDP3 has ceased to be Valid. Install the latest version of SDP3″.

Possible reason and solution:
The SDP3 patch is not installed ok.
IMG2: the above files are all SDP3 patch to be installed.

Tutorial on how to install Scania SDP3 patch:
Option 1. Watch Youtube:

From time 1:43″ to 4:24″.

Option 2. Read words and images:
1. Scania SDP3 2.40.1 activation service:
Copy the HWID and send it to the dealer for activation.
After the dealer helps register, right click on “Registry Editor” and select “Merge”, then “Yes”.
scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-02 scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-04 scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-05 scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-06

2. Open “Local Disk (D:)” -> “KeyGenandFIX”.
Copy both of the .dat and .dll files.
On the desktop, right-click “SDP3” and select “Properties”, then “Open file location”, right-click “Paste” (Paste the above two.dat and .dll files to replace the existing ones).
scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-07 scania-sdp3-has-ceased-to-be-valid-solution-08

3. Open “Time”.
Click on “Crack”.
Click on “OK” after succeeding.

4. Restart the computer.

Good luck.

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