Programmer for Dacia Renault airbags spc560p50l3 crash data clear

Need clear crash data from Dacia/Renault airbags with spc560p50l3 cpu.

Question: Which programmer good for this cpu? Upa original, upa clone,x-prog, carprotools or any programmer. In future I need the programmer for other cpu-s too. I think the universal programmer is the best choice.

Tested programmers:
1. I have UPA-S original and I am very happy with this programmer, no problem for now with SPC mcus other chips from upa read and write ok.
UPA-S original-01

2. Jlink v.8 China clone working ok
This software works with this CPU – checked!
JLINK v8-02

3. jlink work without problem and I have iprog (clone)
its read-write and clear crash in this module in 5 min
Iprog pro

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