Obdstar X300 Pro4 Adds Toyota Camry 2021 Key via OBD Success

Obdstar X300 Pro4 Key Programmer is able to program a new smart key for Toyota Camry 2.5Q 2021 via OBD successfully. Following I’ll make a quick demonstration


Connect X300 Pro4 into OBD2 port, go to

Immo >> Toyota >> Toyota Lexus Scion V32.55 >> Proximity >> Type 1 >> Program smart key >> Enter

obdstar-x300-pro4-adds-toyota-camry-2021-key-via-obd-success (1)


Put an original key close to the ignition switch, turn it ON till the dashboard is lit up.


Change to a new smart key to contact start button.

Configuring the system, please wait…

obdstar-x300-pro4-adds-toyota-camry-2021-key-via-obd-success (2)


Program success.


Let me test the keys, both can work well.

Key adding was done!

obdstar-x300-pro4-adds-toyota-camry-2021-key-via-obd-success (3) obdstar-x300-pro4-adds-toyota-camry-2021-key-via-obd-success (4)


This is using Obdstar Key Mater 5 to add Toyota Camry 2021 key via OBD successfully. It’s fast and easy to finish in 3 minutes.



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