Lonsdor K518 PRO vs. K518ISE, What’s New & Different?

2023 upgraded version Lonsdor K518 PRO pre-order is now available and will be coming in November. What is the latest tool new and different from the old Lonsdor K518? Here we’ve listed a comparison table for reference.


K518 Pro vs. K518ISE Comparison

Item K518 PRO Full Version Lonsdor K518ISE
Image lonsdor-k518-pro-vs-k518ise-what-is-new-different-(2) lonsdor-k518-pro-vs-k518ise-what-is-new-different-(3)








CPU Allwinner A50, 4 core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-core 1.34GHz
Battery 5800 mAh 3800 mAh
Screen resolution 1280*800 1024*600
Bluetooth ×
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 10m
RFID long-distance detects & reads frequency × (key should be close to card slot)
OBD self-detection ×
OBD light ×
24V truck OBD connection ×





LKE Built-in LKE ×
Enhanced Toyota/Lexus emulator Built-in emulator
KPROG adapter
16+32 adapter
L-JCD adapter
JLR special adapter
Third-party decoder









Shortcut keys for common functions ×
File management ×
IMMO off ×
Access card copy ×
Write key via dump ×
EEPROM mileage reset ×
Hex editor
Chip decoding





Free update 2 years 1 year
Volvo license Free Charged
LYNK&CO license Free Charged
Nissan New Sylphy Sentra license Free Charged
Toyota AKL license Free Charged
JLR AKL license Free Charged
Lexus license Free Charged
Other models Free Free

New & Different Feature

  • Hardware
  1. K518 Pro is equipped with a better CPU and larger storage, which allows 2-3 times faster running speed than K518ISE.
  2. K518 Pro has a larger battery capacity and higher screen resolution, it also improved Wi-Fi for more stable and faster file transfer.
  3. K518 Pro has added Bluetooth, RFID long-distance detect & read frequency, OBD self-detection, OBD light, and 24V truck OBD connection while K518ISE does not have.
  • Accessories

K518 Pro has built-in LKE to support all functions of the Toyota emulator, no additional purchase is required.

  • Software

K518 Pro has added shortcut keys for common functions, file management, IMMO off, access card copy, write key via dump, EEPROM mileage reset, CAN-FD & DOIP while K518ISE does not support it.

  • Subscription
  1. K518 Pro enjoys 2 free year updates while K518ISE only enjoys 1 free year.
  2. K518 Pro enjoys free Volvo, LYNK&CO, Nissan New Sylphy Sentra, Toyota, Lexus, and JLR activation for key programming while K518ISE needs an extra charge.




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