Launch X431 Pro Mini Power Balance Test for Ford Lariat

I have a misfire on my 2005 Ford F150 Lariat, so what I want to do is to use a Launch X431 Pro Mini bidirectional scan tool to perform power balance test for the car. Now I will get to start:

Connect the X431 Pro Mini VCI module to OBD2 port of car, go access to main menu to press function buttons.
Tradition Diagnose >> Ford >> Submit >> Automatically Search >> Set ignition switch to ON(Position II), press “OK”>> Yes
launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (1)

launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (2)

Automatically Search >> System Selection >> PCM(Powertrain Control Module)

Special Functions >> Power Balance >> OK
launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (3)

launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (4)

As you can see, there are 8 cylinders. I will put on a little load, put it in drive off, then put my foot on the brake and give it a little gas.

Now you can see No.1 misfired, see how it shot down I can also fill it in the truck. On the No.8 is shot down just at the end because the one getting ready to fire.
launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (5)

launch-x431-pro-mini-power-balance-test-for-ford-lariat (6)

Launch X431 Pro Mini is one of the best diagnostic tools to show No.1 has a problem, it turned out to be the coil pack was breaking down. I am going to fix it.

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