How to upgrade COROLLA 4A to TOYOTA-27

Why do we need to update COROLLA 4A to TOYOTA-27?
COROLLA 4A supports the programming of 4A proximity keys.
TOYOTA-27 supports programming of proximity key 4A, 8A-A9, 8A-AA …
TOYOTA-27 is the upgraded version of COROLLA 4A.
Compared to COROLLA 4A, TOYOTA-27 has one more power cable.



Below I will guide you on how to upgrade COROLLA 4A cable to the TOYOTA-27 cable.
Of course you can also directly buy OBDSTAR CAN DIRECT KIT which includes CAN DIRECT cable and TOYOTA-27.

Step 1. Remove the heat shrink tube part as in the picture below from COROLLA 4A.


Step 2. Break the insulation of the red wiring (power cable) and find the matching DuPont line (female).


Step 3. Connect the DuPont line (female) to the red wiring point (power cable) as shown below.


Step 4. Insert the DuPont cable into the NO. 4 hole as in the picture below and protect it with electrical tape to avoid short circuits.




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