How to reset 2009 Benz R230 ABC light on (white color)?

Car model and year: 2009 Benz R230 ABC

Symptom: the ABC malfunction light came up (white color)
I went back to my home parking spot and saw no leaks. Also, when I turned the engine back on, the error was gone.
I put the car in drive (without driving) and still no error. I then pressed on the button that lifts the car up and down and everything seemed to work fine, the car lifted and lowered a few times with no weird noises and no leaks. Another thing I wanted to mention is that occasionally this past week, when I went on speed, bumps the orange triangle would come up for a few milliseconds not even long enough for me to see which sign it was.

What I did:
I took the car to my mechanic who ran a diagnostic 2 days ago and no error came up. The diagnostic was done before the error came up today.

Analysis and how to do:
Your problem is certainly an accumulator. It isn’t a serious problem at all, and that is why the message you saw is in white and also why no faults were stored in the ABC controller memory.

An accumulator costs c. $130 online. I’ll guess it takes 90 minutes to replace one, though I’m certain someone has completed the task much faster than that.

Finally, unless your mechanic runs diagnostic scans for free, consider buying something to do that yourself. You can have a hand-held Foxwell NT530 scanner, or you could have Mercedes’ proprietary Star Diagnosis System used by its dealer techs.

Image 1: Foxwell NT530 Benz scanner

Image 2: mb sdconnect c4

Mercedes Benz ABC System Troubleshooting Guide:
Here is a cheat sheet to help determine the cause of a problem and what action you should take. Or if you are having a repair shop do the work, this table can help you verify the shop has made the right diagnosis and is attacking the problem correctly.

Good luck!

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