HD Dodge RAM: How to set TPMS to ANY pressure?

Special thanks goes to Indytruckchampion(CF member) for creating that thread with the process and to articsilber323 for figuring out that the Autel Maxisys can do this, and thanks to @4x4x4door created this update. PLEASE read the common questions below before asking questions.

General info:
To fully adjust the TPMS you need to change the threshold psi settings and update the RFH (Radio frequency hub).

Factory pressure settings are 60(Hemi) or 65(Cummins) front & 80 rear with a 20% threshold which means that the warnings (light, sounds & nag screen) will come on at 48(H) or 52(C) front & 64 rear. If that happens then you will have to air the tires to 60(H) or 65(C) front and/or 80 rear to make the warnings go away.

The PIN – You must have your PIN to fully adjust the TPMS system. There are 2 PIN numbers associated with your key and truck. Technically, there’s a 3rd one too that’s a rolling code (unknown digits) that expires. It is only used if you lose all your keys and it requires a call to Lord FCA to get. I believe this is where some dealers get confused and try to tell you that the 4-digit PIN will expire. I’ve not heard of anyone saying that theirs expired when they tried to use it. A few members have been charged a fee to get the code. This ridiculous and I’d find another dealer, but I realize some don’t have that choice.
PIN #1: 4-digit code (all numbers) that is used to program the key (fobik) to the truck. This is the one you need for this process.
PIN #2: 5-digit code with a letter in front (ex. M0000) that is used to cut a new metal key.

It’s a good idea to get both codes as soon as you possibly can. Recently, some dealers have refused to give them out.

Autel MaxiSys — will adjust the psi settings and update the RFH (Radio frequency hub)
Launch X431 — very similar to the Autel MaxiSys with possible same functionality (unverified)
Matco Maxgo & Maxme — supposed to be able to adjust the psi settings & update the RFH (Maximus should also)
AutoEnginuity software — will only adjust the threshold psi settings (also custom tire sizes & enable fogs w/highs)
Witech (dealer) — will only update the RFH, IF you can find a dealer that’s willing do it
AEV ProCal — only sold with their lift kits; will only adjust the psi settings (tire sizes & other settings)
Snap-on – no one has found that any of their devices can do this
Common questions:
Q: Can the dealer do this?
A: They cannot change the threshold psi settings but they should have the ability to update the RFH. Whether they will or not is questionable.

Q: Will this ‘change’ get removed if I get a flash update from the dealer or if I install a tune.
A: No

Q: Will this ‘change’ void my warranty.
A: First they have to prove that it caused a problem. Next how they gonna ‘see’ it since the Witech can’t get to the settings? BUT anything’s possible.

Q: What model of Autel MaxiSys can do this?
A: The common model is MS906 but any MaxiSys model should have this ability excluding Dodge software version 7.5.1. The MaxiDAS cannot do this process and I doubt any MaxiTPMS will either.

Q: Can the Autel MaxiSys make other adjustments like larger tires or enable fogs w/highs?
A: It’s a very powerful diagnostic device but it can only adjust to other factory tire sizes and cannot enable fogs w/highs.

Q: Where can I find the instructions do make the adjustments?
A: CF member articsilber323 provided them in post #912 in the original thread. Some of the screens have changed slightly with the newer software versions but the process is generally the same.

Credits to https://www.ramforumz.com/threads/how-to-set-tpms-to-any-pressure.236787/

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