How to Register & Update Launch X-431 PAD VII?

Launch X-431 PAD VII is a high-level diagnostic tool that supports online coding& programming, ADAS calibration, 32 maintenance services, and 8 add-on modules. This article is an initial guide on registration & upgrade.

How to register X-431 PAD VII?

  • Create an Account
  1. Login >> New registration >> OK


  1. Input account information including username, password, email, country. Click “Register” after completing.



  • Activate VCI

Input serial number(SN) and activation code, click “Activate”. They can be found in the envelope, please tear off the seal.


  • Finish Registration

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your registration.

Click “OK” to download the model software.


How to update X-431 PAD VII?

Update immediately >> Update

X-431 PAD VII software will start to download & install automatically.

Just wait for all vehicle software upgrade finished.

Note: It’s suggested to update software to the latest version for the first time use.




Video process:

It may help

Launch X431 Pad V vs. X431 Pad III V2.0 vs. X431 Pad VII

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