How to Recover MB SD C4 Xentry

Nice weekend !:) Yesterday we have share with you how to Unlock the MB SD C4. Today we’d like to share with you How to Recover MB SD C4 Xentry . Following us 🙂

Device : MB SD C4 CONNECT 4


If the MB SD Connect C4 Xentry software is not working properly, it needs recovery. Here introduce step-by-step guide of how to reset MB SD Connect C4 Xentry and make it work properly.

1) Shut down XENTRY Connect. Make sure that the XENTRY Connect is in standby mode. Click “Continue”.


2) Connect drive and power supply units follow the picture displayed on the screen.


3) Power up MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer with key Combination and


4) The system is processing upgrade procedure. Please wait patiently


5) Update procedure is complete. You can complete the process by pressing the button or wait until XENTRY Connect automatically shuts down (approximately 10minutes after the image appeared in the display)


6) Sometimes you need to install the “Updater” tool to ensure your system is up-to-date. This can be simply done by switch XENTRY Connect on and connect the XENTRY Connect via XENTRY Control.


7) When the full procedure completes, exit the program.

Have you got it ? Hope it would help you.

Any questions, please can contact service 🙂

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