MB SD C4 How To Set LAN and WIFI on VMware

MB SD Connect C4 DAS and Xentry are possible to work on VMware system. VMware system for MB SD C4 system can boot this VM from ANY Laptop or PC, and DOES NOT takes role if the Host Machine using WinXP or W7 operating system.


If you install the SD connect net control and can not see C4 MUX, it is because of the VMware WIFI setting are changed, so verify that and fix it.

1) Connect MB SD Connect C4 with LAN cable
2) Open Virtual Network Editor and use vmnet0 (Auto-Bridging )
3) Install (2 ) Local Area Connection
4) Set IP:

Local Area Connection ( 1 ) IP 172.29.127.XXX this for IP MUX
Local Area Connection ( 1 ) IP 192.168.1.XXX this for IP network or IP Network you use

5) Make configuration for SD connect wireless

6) Install Xentry

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