GODIAG GT107 DSG Plus vs. GT107 DSG, What’s New?

GODIAG GT107 + DSG Plus Gearbox Data Adapter can connect to Benz, BMW, and VAG ECU like DQ250, DQ200, VL381, VL300, DQ500, and DL501 for maintenance or diagnosis. Compare to the old version GT107 DSG, what’s new and different?

Let’s take the comparison table for reference.

Image godiag-gt107-dsg-plus-vs-gt107-dsg-gearbox-adaptor-(1) godiag-gt107-dsg-plus-vs-gt107-dsg-gearbox-adaptor-(2)
Price £50 £50
Support VAG DSG gearbox
Manually ignition on
PCMFlash L-Line automatic control
BOOT line & probe
CAN H CANL K-line communication indicator √ (works with GT105)
120Ω CAN resistance switch
Supply power from the vehicle battery
Automatic control of power indicator light
120Ω CAN resistance switch indicator ×
Voltage display ×
Current display ×
Support DIY or connect to the specialized adaptor ×
Support other ECU gearbox Added VCC GND wiring connection, supports more ECU gearbox Supports less ECU gearbox

New Features
1. Added 120Ω CAN resistance switch indicator, voltage display and current display.
2. No need to work with GODIAG GT105 any more.
3. Added GND VCC port for BMW and Benz gearbox connection.
4. Supports disassembling and customising connectors for DIY development.

GT107+ DSG Plus is compatible with PCMFlash, FCMTuner and KessV2 diagnostic software to repair the DSG gearbox ECU. Order link:

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