Fixed: can’t pair Maxiflash JVCI+ Bluetooth to IM608 II Tablet

Customer Problem: My IM608 II, VCI keeps displaying the “Unable to connect” message. There is no problem with USB, but Bluetooth can’t connect normally. What should I do?


Solution: Try to update the JVCI+ OS version.

Step 1. Download the PC suites from the Autel website with the following link:
Please note that the PC suites are just for the JVCI+ driver, install the PC suites. For the PC can recognize the JVCI+.

Step 2. Download the following zip file then unzip it.
The link to the zipped file of VCI update:
Run the following device upgrade exe file.


Step 3. Select the JVCI+ and click on “确定”(confirm), after that, click on the bottom left button”检测设备”(detect device), then click on “开始升级” to start the upgrade of the OS of JVCI+.



After JVCI+ has been upgraded, then test the tablet again with Bluetooth to see if the Bluetooth connection is back to normal again.

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