EU version Kess V5.017 with red PCB & green PCB, any difference?

Kess V5.017 online version with red PCB is 1:1 copy in the market, the green PCB differs the red pcb in color.

1. The different: PCB color
Kess V2 Master 5.017 china clone with red PCB (1:1 copy in the market)

kess 5.017 redkess v5.017 red kess v5.017 master online version red pcb

Kess V2 Master 5.017 china clone with green PCB

kess-online-version-support-140-protocol-green-pcb kess-online-version-support-140-protocol-green-board


2. The same
They are the same internally.
– Kess V5.017 is the newest version and the sellers claim to support more 140 protocols including Line, KAN, EDC17 and MED17 and for Ford J1850

– Both version allows users to connect internet during operation and won’t be locked any more.

-Compatible with cars, trucks, tractors, bikes.

-Unlimited tokens (the former version is token limited)

– No reset button

– No USB dongle
– Plug kess 5.017 into the OBD port of vehicle and test ok on many ECU types:
edc15/16/17 basics work fine.. Kline an Can ok
lot of denso ok ,tested today on 2016 navarra 2.5L 144hp (7059) all fine..via OBD of course (check ktag for jtag,tricore and others… )
(The EDC17 made by OBD are Audi, bmw and renault without Tp)
Kess accept virtual read i test on AUDI A5 2.0 TDI 143hp 2013 EDC17CP46. it”s ok by obd
ksuite Sw reset token when open, same as all kess 5.017 or new ktag 7.020/26 Fw.
Berlingo 9HX: only readID from engineand works ok
PSA Bosch EDC 16: read ok
Skoda Octavia 1.9 AXR EDC15: read ok
BMW EDC17CP02: OBD write ok
BMW EDC15: OBD read/write ok
Ford Mondeo SID206: read/write ok
K-line and CAN both OK
VW EDC17CP14: read/write with tricore module
2008 Sprinters with Edc16:no issues
KESS V5.017 can support car/truck/tractor/Bike…support both 12V and 24V vehicle..and newer vehicles

KESS V5.017 has no token limited for all compatible vehicles

KESS V5.017 has no grey protocols ..full protocols such as EDC17/k-line/DSG/DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox/ST10….

KESS V5.017 read and write ECUs via OBD easily, Do not need to disassemble ECU…more user-friendly than KTAG V7.020

KESS V5.017 do connect internet…Online need disable the network connection on purpose before use

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