Flash car with EDC16, Kess Clone Red or Green?

ECU type: EDC16

Purpose: to flash the car and need a cheap tool as it’s for one job.

ECU programmer:
Kess Clone Red
Local tuner wants £100 just to flash my file, it’s cheaper to buy a tool.

1). the device is only for reading and overwriting the file in the KESS / KTAG RED EU ecu

2). Some professional that makes you a good tuning without checksum error
Those 2 items you should consider, sometimes saving money is playing with fire.
The difference is if the tuner brick your ECU he should repair it and if something happen, he should solve your problem.
If you do it you can success or not and if not you can stop you car running for weeks.

2. I am using Kess Clone with red board and never have problem…depend how quality will be your clone.

I think Green is not Net-Safe and Red is Net-Safe.
But I never use internet when I do something with clone tool, better be offline.

I will share a link to buy a Red tool:


I have red clone. I read write 30 ecu online no problem.

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