Ford IDS V105.01 free download works fine with clone VCM

Ford IDS V105.01 VM machine works fine with clone VCM may have to use your drivers if its an older version of clone

Test and report: have many Ford car models to work on, i.e Ford Focus hatchback 2013, German made Ford S-Max 2.2TDCI 2011, Ford Mustang2016 etc. It works great. What’s a pity it communicate poor with 2012-2013 F250 model. It can program module as respected. In addition to read vehicle info, clear DTCs, it can make key after I get the incode by using Calculator. I updated 8 modules on my 2013 Focus after downloading the calibration files with no crashes or errors (the calibration files were provided by the dealer).

Then, where and who is reliable to buy good clone VCM?
The bad one won’t do module programming. But the market is flooded with many VCM2? Here we go for experience share.

Best quality: Many VCM2 users feedback the high quality PCB should be as bellow (no hot glued parts as the bad quality).


Ford VCM2 HQ quality clone Hardware and PCB design:
VCM2 kit arrived at me in a good condition after 5 working days from the time I paid by PayPal. All is packed in a plastic box incl. a VCM2 main unit, OBD2 cable, USB cable and Wireless Adapter.

Can’t wait to take out all kits, then use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the MUX to check if the PCB is exactly the same as the forum posters’, actually it doesn’t let me down, I am very happy to have a good clone VCM2 diagnostic scanner. I take pictures and share below, as you can see the PCB has no hot glue parts.

ford-vcm2-1 ford-vcm2-ids-1



ford-vcm2-ids-45   ford-vcm2-ids-2

Pros: with wifi adapter

That’s all.

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