China MPPS V18 good test reports, download, PCB, schematics & diagram

Post includes: China MPPS V18 good test reports, download, PCB Schematics & diagram.

  • China MPPS V18 good test reports

Opel Astra H 1.7CDTI 125PS (98002895 Z17DTR DENSO) – R/W OBD(CAN)- ok.
207 edc16c34 Can R/W
ducato edc16c39 RW ok
cosra z10xep bosch med1.1.5 r/w , write in slow only
Astra H Denso Z17DTJ R/W CAN – ok
SEAT ME7.5.10 R/W k-line (cat_off) – ok
Magneti marelli 6F0 full read/write by OBD MPC,Flash EEPROM OK!
Golf 1.6 TDI Siemens Simos Pcr2.1 R/W can (unlock boot mode-ok) – ok
Corsa 1.3cdti marelli mjd6 reads writes ok
OPEL Signum PSG16
2.2CDTI readout as a Zafira.


all OK

mitsubishi pajero 3.2l did denso 4m41 R/W ok (chinese)
suzuki vitara hdi edc15c2 R/W ok
EDC17C10 PSA boot mode Read OK
Golf TDI EDC17c14
a4 2.5L edc15v obd read and write
1.9SDI EDC15V+ …. generic eeprom OBD K-line R/W-OK Flash OBD K-line R/W-OK
Polo SIMOS 3PE 1.2 12v read/write as generic simens SIM4LE boot mode flash 512kB – OK (catalyst off).
ford edc16c34 2.20 r/w ok
Mazda 6 2.0 MZR-CD 110hp Denso RF8G- OBD R/W – OK
Opel vectra C, PSG16 can, direct conexi?n to pump,read-write-cks, all Ok.
Simos Pcr2.1, obd read-write-cks ok.
mazda cx7 2.2 170 ecu denso dont ok read 4% after error
Lacetti (2008y) 2.0 CDRi EDC16C39 R/W CAN (only map 2Mb) as Captiva = OK
BMW e91 330xd edc16c35 R-W OK China clone
Astra vxr me7.6.2 R/W OK ( do that ecu own risk ! )
Fiat Doblo 1.3 mjet mjd6f3 obd – r/w ok
Range Rover edc17cp11 boot – r/w ok
Corsa D 1.3 CDTI, EDC17C18, 70.0kw,2010, Z13DTE R/W bootmode TriCore = OK
GOLF V 1.6 FSI, MED9.5.10, OBD/CAN R/W ( 30 minutes) = OK
Kangoo EDC17C42 bootmode TriCore R/W = OK
Alfa Romeo EDC16C39-5.5 CAN, ok perfect
Eeprom R/W and Flash R/W on VW Golf EDC15P worked perfectly with 70€ V18 from eBay
SID305 BOOT sak1766 read – write Ok
Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi Siemens Sid 804 R/W OBD CAN = OK
MED17.4 peugeot 207 read write ok
astra h 1.9 tva off OBD and Zafira B 1.9 EGR off OFF ok
simos pcr 2.1 R/W obd ok
Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI Siemens PPD 1.X R/W OBD/CAN = OK
Ford Fusion Style 1.6 TDCi Bosch EDC16C34-2 ok
Read written FLESH + MPC + EEPROM fiat marely 6f3, OK through OBD.
Fiat Stilo IAW6JF.P3, through OBD, mpc and eeprom read write for immo-off, all ok.
Linea 2011 Marelli 6F3 read/write OBD Trought K-line,
peugeot 807 ECU DELPHI DCM 3.5 READ OBD OK
Fiat Scudo as (Peugeot 3008) 2.0 HDI Delphi DCM 3.5 R/W OBD/CAN (CRC=OK) = OK
citroen c5 DCM3.5 read write OBD ok, checksum ok
ME7.3.H4 boot mode read /write full OK
Opel cdti 1.7 ecu Denso R/W ok

Suzuki SX4 DDIS 1.9L 120hp, Bosch EDC16C39 2008, can & kline, read & write by obd ok.
opel corsa 1.3jtd MT marelli ecu 6J0 C1,read/write true obd=ok
Audi a4… write obd ok.
NISSAN Q. EDC16CP33 (4A44383842) R/W OBD = OK (CRC-OK).
Jetta 2,0 16v TSi 200cv – MED17.5.2 Tprot10

Read in Boot = OK
made OBD unlock and CKS by MPPS, write boot = OK
tested edc16u1 from T5 2007 1.9tdi AXB 77kw. read write ok over obd on kline.
edc17 vag golf 6 via obd. it took 30min to make the cheksum but all ok

Opel Astra H 2010 Z19DTR with Denso MFDX, r/w without a problem.


Credits to @ Gabisonas (mhh forum poster) who collects all the China MPPS V18 good test reports.

  • Claimed MPPS V18 coverage:

MPPS V18.12.3.8 = + fw: v1.08.21= reading / writing ecu (TRICORE + MULTIBOOT) + checksum

  • MPPS V18 software download

OS: win7. XP win10 needs luck

Crack version

No need pass

Tested without issues

Safe to use

So, 100% working on MPPS hardware v18

In widows 7 Ultimate 64bits, work ok.

As for XP, works Perfect win 7 etc, just buy a cheap win 7. or 8 notebook “overspeed” , not worth it, say you did find a way on xp, is it worth risk writing ecu, risk enough we guinea pig clones as it is, lets just not reinvent the wheel, if its meant for win 7, etc, im happy to comply. have to admit quite like XP so had to invest in a cheap laptop for this mpps 18 testing,


Be sure to run as administrator using windows 7, mpps, if not, will id, but not read etc, as i witnessed yesterday, assumed tool. today read edc16 partner 1.6hdi and marelli corsa 1.3cdti and wrote ok,


NOTE: professional engineers at tested mpps v18 clone software without issues on Windows 7 32bit


  • HQ clone MPPS V18 interface

Newly Released: 06,2017

PCB display:


  • MPPS V18 PCB Schematics

U4 – PJSR05T/R TVS/ESD 5V 5A SOT-143 marking WR1

D1 – tAN

(for better k-line, try to replace L9637 chip)

(Click on the photo to see clearly)

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