Autel MaxiIM KM100 IMMO Key Programmer Is Coming Soon!

AUTEL MaxiIM KM100 is a new generation immobilizer key programming tool to support 60s key generation, read/write/clone/edit transponder, detect frequency & ignition coil, key renewal, etc.

Differ from Autel MaxiIM IM508 & IM608, KM100 concentrates more on transponder programming, which is smaller, portable and affordable, costs only £421.

Autel KM100 vs. IM508 vs. IM608

Autel MaxiIM Series KM100  IM508 IM608
Price £421 £755 £2049
Universal transponder key generation Yes No No
Transponder simulation, editing & cloning Yes No No
Ignition coil detection Yes No No
Vehicle diagnostics No Yes Yes
Vehicle service functions No Yes Yes
IMMO function via programmer No Yes Yes
Transponder reading Yes Yes Yes
Frequency detection Yes Yes Yes
Key unlocking Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer data processing Yes Yes Yes
IMMO in open OBD mode Yes Yes Yes

How to use Autel KM100 ID46 Password Calculation?
Reading/cloning >> Clone >> 46 password calculation
Place the original key into KM100 key slot.
Press “Start”.




Next, if it’s a smart key, we need to take apart it so that the battery doesn’t interfere with the password calculation process.

Place the key component and transponder head close to the START button, then turn the engine on. Press “Next step”.
It may take up to 3 minutes for password calculation…

Remember to take a photo of the password, as it can be used to perform a simulation.


Autel KM100 program 2018 Suzuki Baleno AKL successfully
1.Read Password
Plug the Mini OBD into vehicle.
Go to pair with KM100 via Bluetooth: Settings >> VCI manager
Wait until VCI connection is OK.

IMMO >> Suzuki >> System selection >> automatic location >> BCM(8 digit) >> Immobilizer remote control learning




Switch Hazard ON.
Switch ignition ON if all keys lost(if cannot switch ON, try the immobilizer box wire short-circuit).
Press “ID code reading”.
Passwords were read out.

2.Key Learning
Key learning >> OK
After the function is carried out, all keys will be cleared. These keys cannot be used unless they are learned again. If this function is required, please get all keys ready.

Press “Yes” to get PIN code online. Press “No” to manually input.
Actually KM100 will automatically show the PIN code if reading was done before.
OK >> OK

Follow the guidance step according to the key type:
Mechanical key: switch on ignition with keys that need to match;
Smart key: place the smart key which need to match on the push START button(key logo facing push START button);
Knob type smart key: slot the mechanical key on the ignition cylinder and place the smart card on the knob switch.
Press “OK”.

1 key has completed learning.
Add one more, successfully.
Learning completed.

Disconnect VCI and turn off ignition to have a try.
Both keys are workable.



MaxiIM KM100 is supported to pre-order now, more questions please contact us.

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