How to use Autel KM100 to program a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country key

This post shows you how to use Autel KM100 to program a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country key.

Here is the procedure:

Click “IMMO” on the main menu of KM100, then choose “Chrysler”>>”Manual selection”>>”North America”>>”TOWN & COUNTRY”>>”2011-2020 Fobik Key”.



Then click “Yes” to continue. It says” If you have a learned key, turn on the ignition”.
The ignition is on.


Then we click the “Control unit”>>”Read Immobilizer Password(CAN)” to read the password.
Switch the ignition OFF and then ON again, and make sure the engine is off.
The read password is 3912.



Going to escape, then go to “Immobilizer(CAN)”.
Establishing vehicle communication…
Then we choose “Key learning”

For PEPS, please remove the Start button and insert the key to be learned; otherwise, insert the key directly and then turn the ignition on.

The current number of keys is: 3
Do you want to continue to learn the key?
Click “Yes” to continue.
Enter the security code and click “OK” to continue.

Let’s take the key out and try, the car starts and runs.




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