Autel KM100 + Obdstar X300 DP Plus Program 2023 Nissan Patrol Key

Today I’m working on a 2020 Nissan Petrol, it’s likely that 2012-2023 are the same remotes. So I’m gonna program a new Universal Smart Key for this car with Autel MaxiIM KM100 & OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS via OBD.

1. Generate Key with Autel KM100
Universal key >> Nissan >> Patrol >> Nissan PATROL 2010-2022
Put the new key into the Autel KM100 key slot.
Generate universal key >> Success



2. Program Key with Key Master DP Plus
Car IMMO >> NISSAN INFINITI >> Latest version >> Manual select model >> NISSAN >> PATROL >> AUSTRALIA >> 2013- >> PROXIMITY >> Program smart keys

This function will erase all keys, press ENTER to continue.
Take all smart keys out of the car and press the start button.
Press ENTER to continue.

Open the driver’s door, then close the door.
BCM within the code are: D219A
Old pincode: 2315
New pincode: 2690
(a new pin code is usually for the models after 2009, and an old pin code is for the models before 2009. You can try to select.)
Press ENTER to use the new PIN code.


Put the back of the smart key to be programmed on the start button, press the start button, wait for the security light extinguished, and press ENTER to continue.
Switch the ignition off.
Program success.
Press ENTER to program the next key, otherwise press Esc.

Attach the back of the programmed proximity key to the start button to start the vehicle.
(If the vehicle cannot be started according to operation prompts, please re-execute this function and try another starting method: depress the brake and press the start button twice with the programmed proximity key to start the vehicle.)
Switch the ignition off.
Open the driver’s door, then close the door.
Press the Unlock button of the key.
Programming complete.

Test the new key, all can work normally.





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