2004 Ford Truck VGT Turbo test with the IDS software

Car model and year: 2004 Ford Truck VGT

I checked the resistance across the pins after removing the plug and got a dead short. Drove the truck after clearing the P0299 code and then unplugged solenoid and drove it again with no change in engine performance. No smoke and runs well.

How to do and what Ford truck scan tool?
Advice 1. Use the VCMII clone to test the turbo.
The ideal thing to do would be if you had access to a
VCM2 and IDS so you could run the turbo test.

To run the test you need to have an EGR valve plugged in. It does not have to be in place. IDS just wants to see the electronics of the thing.

This is what the turbo test looks like with the IDS software.




Advice 2. Here are some testing helps (but you need a way to command the VGT in that procedure).
Also, a technical manual to review:

To test a VGT solenoid, measure the resistance across the VGT solenoid coil with a digital multimeter (remove the connector to expose two male pins). The resistance across the solenoid coil should be between 3.42 & 4.18 Ω when engine oil temperature (EOT) is at 73° F. If the resistance reading is out of spec, the solenoid needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that it is much more common to experience stuck/sticking VGT components than it is a faulty VGT solenoid, both of which will hinder turbocharger performance and possibly throw turbocharger related DTCs.

Ordered new Garrett solenoid actuator and will be here tomorrow. Mine had no reading on the multi. Dead short. Ran the above test and look like when I’m stopped at a signal it’s at 85% and on the free.


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