Xtool Anyscan A30 OBDII Code Scanner Download and Activate

Xtool Anyscan A30 OBDII code reader is the new product released by Xtool Company, it has the same function as the Autel MD802. And this post will show you how to download and activate the Anyscan A30 scanner.


1.  Open the google/app store to download the Anyscan A30 app, like this:


Or you can scan QR code as shown below:

how-to-use-anyscan-a30-02 how-to-use-anyscan-a30-01

2. Then active the app before you use it to test vehicles.

3. Input activation code, product serial number (each device will have a serial number and activation code), user number, email address, cell phone number and password, the system will then save it.

Note: Activation is a one time process. The Anyscan A30 application will start after activation.


4. Download the software:


5. Connect the device to the vehicle and diagnose.

xtool-anyscan-a30-obdii-code-scanner-download-and-activate-04 xtool-anyscan-a30-obdii-code-scanner-download-and-activate-05

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