Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Register & Upgrade

How to register and upgrade Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad? This is an initial guide for first time use.

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Register

Step1. Power on VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, select language, agree to enter. Press user icon down at the right bottom side.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (1)

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (2)

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (3)

Step2. Enter cell phone number and security code after press “Send”, press “Login” when finished.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (4)

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (5)

Step3. It will require to set password after verify success, enter password twice, select “Agree”, then press “Submit”.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (6)

Step4. Sign up success, press “Account login” to login.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (7)

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (8)

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Upgrade

Step1. Press “Update” on main page.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (9)

Step2. It will require to select database langue, you can update system, app, firmware, and database here.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (10)

Step3. Press “Upgrade”>> Install >> Done
App installed.
xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (11)

xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus-pad-register-upgrade (12)

This is a tutorial of VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad registration and upgrade, thanks to https://www.obd2shop.co.uk/


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