What’s the Features Of Vehicle CAN Bus System

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Vehicle CAN Bus System Features 

CAN or Controller Area Network, it is the most widely used international field-bus one. In between the on-board electronic control unit ECU exchange of information, the formation of automotive electronic control network: Bus is an inter-module channel operating data, the so-called information superhighway. Data bus line may be implemented in a data signal can be transmitted a plurality of control units (system) shared.

1) CAN multi-master mode, that is, network nodes can be anywhere on its own initiative to send information to other nodes on the network at any time, and regardless of master and slave, flexible communication.

2) node information on the CAN network into different priorities to meet different real-time requirements.

3) CAN Each frame has a CRC error detection efficacy and other measures to ensure that the data error rate is very low.

4) CAN communication medium can be twisted pair, coaxial cable or optical fiber, choose flexible.

5) CAN node has shut down automatically output functions in the wrong serious situation, so that the operation of other nodes on the bus are not affected.

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