Way to Solve VVDI2 “Non-standard upload data failed”

This post is about VVDI2 “Non-standard upload data failed” Solution

Problem Description:
VW polo 2014 with chip id 48 need to do add key.
I tried to read pincode by choosing VVDI2 4th immo auto detect cluster diag the cluster turns black and back on but not possible a msg comes out says failed to connect try to cut power i unplugged the battery and tried again no success tried several choices also by key learn auto detect pincode also not possible any idea mates there is one option which is all key lost through OBD is is safe or it car may not start again ??


Locksmith suggestion:
As far i know VW cars after 6.2014 are not possible to program keys .

Could be too, 6FR is a Russian POLO cluster , difficult to work on it

If you sure you choice right cluster type do it as below:
Run VVDI2 key programmer software, choose correct cluster type , click READ IMMO (if you have working key) , if fail , close VVDI 2 , go to Log folder

copy latest LOG (latest will contain only info from latest operation) and post it to engineer to look if they can fix it or not.



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