Steps To add Benz BGA Key with Xhorse VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer

How to Use the VVDI MB TOOL To add Benz Key ? Many of you might have the same question, don’t worry , this article from is the detail Steps To add Benz BGA Key with Xhorse VVDI MB Tool Key Programmer


  1. Start Collection the EIS data
  2. According to the clew for gathering for the first time
  3. To Save  collect EIS data
  4. Uploaded the data to the server
  5. Click Refresh automatically , Check whether the password was calculated
  6. Waitting…Server Show Password calculation Failure
  7. Start the second collection and calculation password
  8. Password are Calculated
  9. Read EIS data by OBD and Fill in the password
  10. Save the EIS data contains the password
  11. Load the EIS data File Containing the password
  12. Generate NO1-NO8 key data
  13. To make the new key
  14. Load the NO7 key file,make the new key
  15. Make new key successful
  16. Check the key whether work,please pay attention to the position of the keys to number 7
  17. The data is changed , add a new success

Hope it would help you

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