Obdstar Odometer Correction Upgrade Car List – Apr. 2021

Obdstar has announced an odometer correction upgrade car list in Apr. 2021, applies to Obdstar X300 DP Plus/ X300 DP, Obdstar ODO Master.

Function Brand Software Version Details
Cluster Calibration Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW V32.13 1.Details Optimized:
Optimized VW cluster calibration.
Cluster Calibration Chrysler V30.61 1.Details Added:
Add JEEP WRANGLER 2010-type 2 cluster calibration; Add CHRYSLER VOYAGER 2013 cluster calibrate(call menu ICM_CARAVAN2013,0).2.Details Optimized:
Optimized CHRYSLER cluster calibration.
Cluster Calibration Fiat V31.21 1.Details Optimized: 
Optimized FIAT cluster calibration.
Cluster Calibration Ford V31.00 1.Details Added:

Add FORD RANGER VDO R7F701405(2020) cluster calibration.


2.Details Optimized:

Optimized FORD cluster calibration.

Cluster Calibration GM V31.14 1.Details Added:

Add BUICK ALLURE 2010 cluster calibration;

Add ENCLAVE cluster calibration;

Add BUICK LACROSSE 2010 cluster calibration (call ICM_ALLURE_10);

Add REGAL 2010 cluster calibration (call ICM_ALLURE_10);

Add VERANO 2011 cluster calibration (call ICM_ALLURE_10).


2.Details Optimized: 

Optimized GM cluster calibration.

Cluster Calibration Hyundai/Kia V31.09 1.Details Added:
Add KIA SPORTAGE D70F3526 2017-type 2 menus, change the original car model into type 1.
Cluster Calibration Land Rover/Jaguar V31.04 1.Details Added:
Add FREELANDER 2 2017-cluster calibration (call ICM_LANDROVER_EVOQU);
Add EVOQUE 2016-type 2 support cluster calibration, data recovery (callICM_LANDROVER_EVOQUE).
2.Details Optimized:
Optimized LANDROVER/JAGUAR cluster calibration.
Cluster Calibration MG/Roewe/Greatwall V31.08 1.Details Added:

Add MG6 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE EI5 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE EI6 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE I5 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE I6 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE RX5 cluster calibration;

Add ROEWE RX8 cluster calibration;

Add GREAT WALL HAVALH8 type1(big screen) cluster calibration, change original menu into type 2;
Add GREAT WALL HAVALH9 type1(big screen) cluster calibration, change original menu into type 3;
Add GREAT WALL HAVALH9 type2(small screen) cluster calibration.

2.Details Optimized:
Optimized MG/ROEWE/GREAT WALL cluster calibration.

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