Need best KESS V2 V5.017 for flashing VAG Cars Touareg 3.0, A4 3.0 etc

Car model and year: VAG Cars like a Touareg 3.0 TDI 2008 and A4 3.0 Petrol

Purpose: Read and write ECU data.

User: Newbie

Best VAG ECU programmer:
1. Kess clone does VAG without troubles by OBD and Tricore on some ecu’s.
Just remember to use the software from cd. Don’t use anything else.
I also heard that EU Red versions are already reworked devices. So maybe no need to pay much more for a reworked one.
Check this shop for best Kess clone:

Kess V2 OBD writes edc17cp44: Success!
Car & ECU: EDC17CP44 Q7 / Touareg via OBD
Review: I have done edc17cp44 obd many times with kess
it is a virtual read need to have alientech databank access.
Btw, ktag readout also can be written with kess but have not tried it yet

2. I would recommend you as well a ktag with red pcb for t-protection and full reads/ backups. Did with clone edc17c74 without problems.

Ktag reads edc17cp44: Success!
Car & ECU: Audi year 2011 edc17cp44ktag v7.020
Review: I can read an Audi year 2011 edc17cp44 with ktag 7.020

For more test reports of Kess V2 & Ktag VAG cars ECU programming, you can google, or click on the above links to download the car list.


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