Lonsdor K518ISE Program 2020 Mazda 3 All Key Lost Free PIN

Lonsdor K518 series has supported all keys lost and added new keys with a free PIN code via OBD for Mazda’s new models after 2019. Like Mazda 3, Mazda 6, XC-5, CX-9, XC30. Here’s programming the 2020 Mazda 3 all keys lost with Lonsdor K518ISE as an example. We’ll simulate the situation for this car.

Let’s strap the K518 device to the steering wheel for convenience to operate.
Immo & remote >> Mazda >> China >> Axela >> 2020- >> All smart key lost
* This function requires a WiFi connection, please confirm WiFi is well connected.

Please use the specific key to the program. After the programming is complete, some aftermarket keys can start the car, but the dashboard’s fault light will go on and the fault code can’t be cleared.
Press “OK” to continue.
All smart keys will be deleted, at least 2 keys are required to complete programming.

If the vehicle alarm rings, please wait about 30s for the alarm to end.
Click “OK” to continue.
(For all key lost, this car will be in the alarm situation, you’ll need to wait for 30s until the alarm to end. For the simulation, we don’t need to wait for this time.)

All the smart keys must be kept 1m away from the car.




Press and hold the start button for 10s, and then press the start button once the button indicator turns from green to yellow.
If the vehicle alarm rings, please wait about 30s for the alarm to end.
Press “OK”.
It takes 7 minutes to grant security access, and the buzzer will beep after 7 minutes…
(We can hear the horn rings, which means we have already got security access.)

Count of current smart keys: 2
Press “OK”.
Delete all keys successfully.



Please switch the ignition off.
1. Turn ignition on.
2. When the start button’s indicator light turns green(in 5s), hold the key’s logo end near the button.

Current key count:1
Press “OK” to program the next key.
Repeat the operation as before…
Current key count: 3
Press “Cancel” to complete.

Before starting the car engine, you will need to complete the below operation steps:
For AT vehicles
1. Slam on the brake.
2. In turn to put each programmed key onto the car start button to start the engine for 3s, then turn the ignition off.

Test all 3 keys, lock and unlock OK, start car OK.
This is how to program the 2020 Mazda 3 with all keys lost with Lonsdor K518 by OBD successfully.





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