Launch X431 CRP429C Review: Adds 2019 Isuzu D-Max Key Success

I’m working on a 2019 Isuzu D-max, trying to do a review for Launch X431 CRP429C OBD2 Scanner about key programming functions. Many guys keep asking if the CRP429C supports to program a key, following I’ll show you.

Go to the main page.
The X431 CRP429C has 11 special functions: brake reset, oil reset, SAS/BAT/ABS/TPMS reset, electronic throttle rest/learn, DPF REG, Gear Learn, IMMO, injector.

Key programming is one of the functions in IMMO, so go to
Reset >> IMMO >> OK >> OK >> ISUZU

Switch on ignition.
VIN was read out, press “OK”.

Menu(Mode1) >> Immobilizer >> D-MAX >> OK >> Key added


Turn on the ignition.
Maximum 5 keys could be matched.

Please input 4 digit security code.
Note: input the security code twice in succession. The immobilizer will be locked for 30 minutes, try again.

Insert the new key, and turn on the ignition.

Successfully matched, press “Yes” to match the next one, press “No” to complete.

Let’s test the new key if it can stats the car, alright, it does work!


So for those guys who wanted to know if the X431 CRP429C can program a key, yes, it can. However, it cannot retrieve the security code. A lot of new vehicles come with a security code or you can ask the dealership to get it.
Having the security code, then you can go on to copy the keys.


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