Iprog Pro Read & Write Honda Accord 2018 Mileage Success

How to use Iprog Pro ECU Programmer to do mileage correction for a 2018 Honda Accord? Following I’ll make a quick demonstration to show the procedure.


Connect Iprog Pro with OBD, and start the software.

Click “Read KM”.

It shows the mileage is 45784 miles, the same as the Honda dashboard.

iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-1 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-2


Selected the values, modify to 12345 miles, click “Write KM”.


For set entered mileage need patch flash.

Click “Yes” to start.


Iprog Pro will process automatically…

Unpacking OK.

Calculating OK.

(Dashboard will be black screen during the time.)

Erase flash OK.

Reset dashboard OK.

Just wait for 2-3 minutes.

iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-3 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-4 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-5


Switch ignition OFF, click “OK”.

Switch ignition ON, click “OK”.


Write mileage OK.

Success! Please check programmed mileage.


The mileage on dashboard has turned to 12345 miles.


iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-6 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-7 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-8 iprog-pro-read-write-honda-accord-2018-mileage-success-9


This is using Iprog + Programmer to adjust 2018 Honda Accord mileage via OBD successfully.


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