How to Clone Tricore ECU with FoxFlash/KT200 Tool?

FoxFlash & KT200 Programmer can support cloning ECU function as OBDSTAR DC706. This is an introduction to how to clone Tricore ECU with the new KT200 software step by step. The procedure may apply to FoxFlash software as well.

Step 1. Read ECU data via the “BOOT MODE TRICORE” or “BENCH TRICORE” option. Including Micro FLASH, and EEPROM data from the original ECU & new ECU.

Step 2. Select Menu >> Select Drive >> TOOL BOOT >> TOOLS BOOT MODE – INFINEON TRICORE Clone Service >> ECU Model




Step 3. Fill 1st option with original ECU Micro file, fill 2nd option with new ECU Micro file.


Step 4. Click “CLONE & SAVE” to save new ECU file.

Step 5. Select BOOT MODE >> INFINION TRICORE Boot >> ECU Model >> Load new ECU file >> Write to new ECU
* BENCH TRICORE may cause incomplete writing of ECU data(Boot is recommended)

1. Please write the original EEPROM to new ECU with no changes;
2. Please write Micro FLASH & EEPROM data separately, CANNOT read & write together;
3. If the Micro FLASH data cannot be written, it needs to be processed manually with winols. Or asking help for a professional engineer.
4. Nonsupport VW 5th generation IMMO system.

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