How to Activate The Unlock and Lock Beep On MB E55 AMG(W211)

This is customer experience when using the MB SD Connect C4 Mux testing for how to activate the unlock and lock beep on his MB E55, he found ask for help about this, and would like to share his experience with a few MB brothers. Hope this helps in deed.

How to Activate The Unlock and Lock Beep On MB E55 AMG(W211)

Customer Vehicle Testing:
MB E55 AMG (W211) ‘2008

Customer device use:

SD connect compact 4 Dell laptop D630
(Customer feedback: here i highly recommend you esp. for new uses to buy plug-and-play diagnostic bundles- mux with laptop, this firstly save more moeny and will help you avoid lots of installation problems and can be used directly when get it.  i used new sd c4 and second-hand laptop.)

The procedure of activation of the unlock and lock beep
Open the laptop and Xentry.

Connect the sd c4 mux with the car.
For connection diagram, i referred to and most of problem can be found and solved by their technicians.

For the laptop and c4 mux, i used wireless connection.

Open software Xentry.

Model series selection: 211


This is the main menu


Select Control units


Then Body


Then rear SAM – rear signal acquisition and actuation module


Then Control unit adaptations


Then national version of ATA function


At this screen you will see a pull down menu with a list of different regions on it. The only ones you need to worry about are USA with buzzer and Netherlands. If you choose USA, I will give you three short quick beeps when you lock the car and one short when you unlock it. Netherlands will give you three longer beeps when you lock the car and one long when you unlock it. Personal preference on which one you like. Here i select USA with buzzer.Then hit F3


Then F3(YES)



That’s all finished ! Hope it would help you!


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