FAQ About Digiprog3 Odometer Correction Tool

Here is the FAQ about digiprog 3 mileage correction tool customer usually asking.


Q1:Can you detect the fact that the speedo has adjusted?
A1:No, if the DigiProg II is used in accordance with the instructions supplied the DigiProg II will overwrite all the speedo memory.

Q2:If I purchase DigiProg II, can I use it to provide a service for members of the public.
A2:Yes, and we at DigiProg will give you all the help and support to make a success of your business.

Q3:Can the use of DigiProg II, damage the other components on the vehicle.
A3:No, as long as DigiProg II is used in accordance with the user guide no other components on the vehicle will be damaged, only the speedo memory will be changed.

Q4:What other devices apart from the DigiProg II, do I need to correct mileage
A4:None, the DigiProg II is all you need it contains all the switches required, you don’t even need a laptop computer.

Q5:New types of vehicle are released all the time, can I update the DIGIPROG II program
A5:Yes, the program is future-orientated and is constantly updated by our team of specialists. Updates for you DigiProg II are available to buy on-line on this site.

Q6:Do you have a Help Desk
A6:Yes, we have a help desk available from 09:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Saturday. However DigiProg II comes with a state of the art digitaly photographed instruction manual and CD.

Q7:I have turned on a Customers vehicle and there are no readings on the speedo, what do I do.
A7:DigiProg has Europes larget library of data, information can be e-mailed to you in minutes.

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