EUCLEIA TabScan S7D do EPB Reset for Audi A8L 2011

Steps for  EUCLEIA TabScan S7D do EPB Reset on Audi A8L 2011.

Brand: Audi
Model: A8L
Year: 2011

Repairing request: After replacing the brake pad, need reset the rear branch pump of brake


1. Connect TabScan S7D with the car, select “Service” – “EPB Reset”



2. Select “Audi” – “A8”

eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-04 eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-05

3. Select “A8(D3)”


4. Select “Replacement of brake pads”


5. According to notes to release handbrake, then click “Yes”, at this time the rear brake pump motor will be heard for a few seconds to be retracted. After the retraction is completed, install the new brake pad according to the notification, then click “ok”.

eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-08 eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-09 eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-10

6. At this time the rear brake pump will ring for few seconds, after the branch pump is released, click ok.

eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-11 eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-12

7. All operation completed, quite system, press electrical handbrake button to make handbrake work, reset EPB completed.

eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-13 eucleia-tabscan-s7d-do-epb-reset-for-audi-a8l-2011-14


please do remember to release the handbrake once Reset EPB.

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