CGDI MB Benz Monster Newest Tokens Policy

CGDI MB Benz Monster Newest Tokens Policy: Subscription A or Subscription B is for your option.

Subscription A: free for 6 months after activation, and 2 tokens every day, after 6 months, you need to pay, 10USD per month for sale, and you can calculate 60 tokens per month.

Subscription B: won’t charge when activating CGDI MB, and you have 1 token for free per day, if you want more tokens, you can buy the points for 4USD/per one, and one point for one token, you can calculate password for 4 times per day. (Note: to combine other CGDI devices i.e CGDI BMW, CG-100, CG Pro, you have free points, one device serial number have 1 point for free.)

CGDI MB Half Year Tokens Add Activate:
1 Point (1 token) for CGDI MB Key Programmer:
TEL: +86 13983755934

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