Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Jeep Compass 2017+ Key Success

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad supports to add smart key for Jeep Compass 2017+ successfully. Need to connect with Xhorse FCA 12+8 Cable for programming. The 12+8 cable also allows programming Dodge 2018+, Chrysler 2018+.

For operation details, refer to the following:
Plug FCA 12+8 Cable to SGW, and connect with VVDI Key Tool Plus.
Immo programming >> Jeep >> Select from model >> Asia >> Compass >> 2017- >> Keyless go >> Start programming >> OK

We can check the number of key, it is currently 1 key.

Program smart key >> OK
Switch ignition off, turn on the security warning light.

Make sure there are no wireless devices near the smart key.

Keep the smart key to be programmed close to the central console(or start button), then press and release UNLOCK button on the remote once and wait for 5s. Do not press any button during this time.
Note: the new key must be the original key of the current model, otherwise the program may fail.

Match successfully, current key number: 2.
Test all keys, all work well.



This is how to use VVDI Key Tool Plus to do Jeep Compass 2017- key programming.


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