Obdstar MS80 ADIVA & KVNMOTORS V30.00 Upgrade Car List

Obdstar MS80 ADIVA & KVMOTORS V30.00 upgrade car list was released.

Obdstar MS80 ADIVA V30.00 Upgrade
AD250_Scooter, 2005, ENG system, Throttle position self-learning, reset self-adapting parameters.
AD250_Scooter, 2005, Immobilizer system.
AD200_Scooter, 2016, ENG system, CO adjustment.
obdstar-ms80-adiva-kvnmotors-v30 (1)

Obdstar MS80 KVNMOTORS V30.00 Upgrade
Yak 500_ATV-Quad, 2004-, ENG system.
Yak 500_ATV-Quad, 2004-, Throttle position self-adapt, CO adjustment, reset self-adapting parameters.
obdstar-ms80-adiva-kvnmotors-v30 (2)


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