Launch X431 Diagun V wins X431 Diagun IV in hardware

Launch X431 Diagun V is the upgraded version of Diagun IV, it is better in hardware, and it is only available with full version with all adapters.

Launch X431 Diagun V is better than X431 Diagun IV in the following aspects:
– Diagun V runs faster than Diagun IV, because
More advanced processor, memory, storage, battery, camera etc. That is

Product X-431 Diagun IV X-431 Diagun V
System Android 7.0 Android 7.0
Screen Size 5.5-inch HD  720*1280 5.5-inch HD  720*1280
Resolution 720*1280 720*1280
Processor Quad-core  1.1GHz Quad-core 1.3GHZ
Memory 1G 2G
Storage 16GB 32GB
Battery 2500mAh 4680mAH
Camera Front 2 million, rear 8 million Rear 5 million

– Launch X431 Diagun V is only available with full version (with full connectors). That is it has wider and newer vehicle coverage.
Here Diagun V full package will all adapters:


The similarities between Launch X431 Diagun V and X431 Diagun IV
– Both come with a DBScar adapter with support Bluetooth (Within 10 meters).

– The same diagnostic functions:
Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Streams, Actuation Test, Special Functions, Coding, and Matching, realizing full car model and system fault diagnosis.

– The same special functions:
service light reset, throttle adaptation, steering angle reset, brake pad reset, TPMS reset, anti-theft matching, ABS bleeding, battery matching, injector coding, and DPF regeneration.

The function of one model may be different from the function of another model, please see the model list for details:
Cover the car models from Asia, Europe, and America, such as for Maserati, for Ferrari, for Rolls-Royce, for Bentley, For BENZ, For BMW, for Audi…

– The same remote diagnosis: Remote diagnosis between workshop

– The same one-key upgrade
Once there is a new software version, the system will promptly remind the user to upgrade the version.

To be upgrading…

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