JLR SDD V145 free download and install on XP & Win 7

JLR SDD V145 Jaguar and Land rover diagnostic software is confirmed by obd2shop.co.uk engineer to be working 100% ok on JLR Mangoose cable, VXDIAG VCX NANO JLR and DA-VINA 2534.

Pictures means a lot, here SDD V145 testing pictures.

Newest SDD V152 download on win7 8 10
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* Not tested yet and don’t confirm if it can work with clone interface.

Crack JLR SDD V145 free download on XP / WIN7:
Mangose SDD V145 comes with 3 DVD’s, the DVD’s is 99% Executables (.EXE) and Freeze software to get license key.
Works on XP and WIN7
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NANO for Jaguar and Land Rover software V145

DA-VINA 2534 software V145

Installation tips:
Question: I’ve just spent last 2 hours installing v130 and the user name and password doesn’t work, keeps saying verification failed. Any ideas as what to do next please?
Answer: For v130 user name is JLR9A8172 password is L538X760 must not have internet connection and set the date to 08/08/12,You need to create a batch file that runs every time the laptop is booted to keep the date the same.
you need xp pro with service pack 2 or 3 for v130 or a vm in windows 7, I tried 138 but it kept coming up with errors, when you installed the driver did you go to device manager to find the cable, install driver and then plug cable in then restart, when connected the green light flashes once a second.

Windows 7 Pro 32-bit works fine with 130… just a clean install, no internet, and work through installing the various elements of IDS/SDD. That’s what I use.

* How to setup SDD 145 for VXDIAG VCX NANO Jaguar and Land Rover

* How to install DA-VINA 2534 JLR SDD V145 software


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